Francis, Cardinal Arinze, Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni, visited the IHM Sisters on 28th August, 2021.

This annual day with the Patriarch started with a Holy Mass at Mater Christi IHM Sisters’ Retirement Home, Nkpor, Anambra State of Nigeria.  The special relationship stems from years back when Archbishop Charles Heerey, CSSp., the Founder of IHM Sisters, handed the Congregation over to the Cardinal.  There from, the Cardinal became their Father in faith.

His Eminence, exhorting the Sisters, reminded all about the boundless mercy of God which should make all not to reject any Sinner.  “Do not reject any human being.  Give everyone a second chance or even a third”, he said.

He cited the example of St Monica, who used her prayers and sacrifices to save St. Augustine who later became  a bishop.

The second phase of the day took the form of interaction with the Cardinal.  He updated the sisters with the happenings in the global Church.  He entertained some questions on matters of faith and life of the Church, local and global from the Sisters at the end.  Mother Mary Claude Oguh, the Superior General, expressed gratitude for his availability to be with the Sisters yearly, his supports and encouragement to live authentic consecrated life.

Sisters entertained the Cardinal at the third phase.  They appreciated his supports with gifts of some rare foodstuff at his residence in Rome.  He in turn thanked the Sisters and wished them well in their efforts to uphold the legacies of Heerey in their witnesses.


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