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Inspired by Christ’s love for humanity, especially for the poor and faithful to the spirit of our foundation, our IHM sisters take as our their model the gentle and compassionate Christ who went about preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every infirmity” (Mt. 9:35).

Love is the motivating factor in this apostolic witness, and what love is, we learn from Jesus, a man for others. The Immaculate Heart of Mary also teaches us how her most pure heart reaches out to the weak and the needy. Our sisters seek to activate in our lives an empathic personal love and concern for the people we serve.

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In our world today, our sisters, in communion with and imitation of the two hearts of Jesus and Mary, strive to joyfully serve in humility and compassion, the people God has entrusted to us through: Education, Health Care, Social Service, Pastoral Ministry, Farming and other works of charity in keeping with the spirit of our foundation.

We undertake these works believing that any legitimate participation in the transformation of the world is an essential aspect of the preaching of the gospel. Some of our sisters especially those in the nursing home in a unique way share in the apostolate of suffering and prayer. In all our apostolates, we dedicate ourselves to the service of Compassion – always seeking to do so after the example of our Blessed Mother Mary.

We seek to cultivate in our lives a compassionate personal love and concern for the people with whom we work, people who have a special claim to our love and service and who should be treated with kindness, understanding and sympathy characteristic of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who opens her heart to all.